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So, I got married to a backpacker I met while on the road!

Wow how did that happen? I’m married! 5 years relationship, 4 years of that engaged, 3 years of that long distance, England – Hong Kong!Backpacker traveller met on the road fell in love

It’s not been easy I can tell you that! we have watched many other backpacking romances die, while ours held strong…. ok I lied. The long distance relationship nearly broke us apart, but it turned out for the best in the end :)

I am now Married to my lovely nugget Sarah Fletcher!

While backpacking Australia 5 years ago I had a choice, To drive my $500 car up the west coast of Australia for new years eve/xmas. A few thousand miles or take a backpacking tour with Easyrider!

I didn’t trust my car so much as it was a cheap runaround only meant for city trips. To take it on the road, to drive through deserts and never ending highways…. Yeah like that was gonna happen!! and lucky for me I chose the backpacking tour, else my life would be very different now!


lucky for me I chose the backpacking tour, else my life would be very different now!


The Easyrider tour was well planned and quite a lot of fun! We were travelling from Perth to Exmouth and then back again, all through the festivities!

On the bus there was a right rag tag of individuals and ethnicities! all the way from Irish/English/Kiwis up to a Japanese couple and 3 Asian girls! My Wilfy senses were tingling! I find Asian girls very down to earth and more attractive than their western counterparts! That’s what many years in Asia does to you ;)

At the first coach pitstop I took it upon myself to break the ice with everyone, including these 3 girls! 2 were from Taiwan and 1 was from Hong Kong
I’m not the most approachable guy being a 6ft 2″ skinhead and can be quite intimidating, so I find with some people, introductions need to go slow. I’m soppy as shit really :)


Sarah’s first reaction to me was “fuck who’s that big scary bald guy with sunglasses saying hi to me!”


Anyway the tour went smoothly and I tried to chat to these Asian girls as much as possible! I fancied a girl who shall remain nameless! and spent most of the trip chatting to her. *flies round shit springs to mind*

Meanwhile my future wife had the hots for the driver! an Ozzy guy with the most awesome hairstyle going! Yeah he was also a skinhead!Easyrider backpacker tour west coat of australia wilfy

So we both spent the whole backpacking tour chasing and focusing on totally different people! It certainly was no romantic love at first sight kinda deal!

It wasn’t until a few weeks later and several meals and social gatherings, that Me and Sarah finally started to spend time together alone! I took her to the beach to watch the stars at night and all other semi romantic lovey dovey stuff.

In true 21st century fashion and ofc being the man that I am! I asked her out on MSN and the rest is history :)

Sarah is a Hong Kong girl who absolutely adores me! she also is the most annoying person I’ve ever met in the world!

I’m a lovely charming gentleman from England :D but I’m sure Sarah has words to say about that! but luckily for me this happens to be Wilfys.com!!!Married and met a backpacker picture taken in Sri Lanka

We tied the knot at a registration office in Hong Kong! nothing fancy as of yet as we plan to have a wedding in Thailand on a beach in Koh Samui, don’t worry i’ll probably blog about this too :)

I read something online once and it really rang true with us!


Marriage is finding that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.

After reading this quote I knew that Sarah was the girl for me!
So we are both backpackers and both love to travel! I’m normally a solo backpacker but I’m looking forward to our new couple adventures!

What could be more perfect than to marry someone who holds travelling as important as you do! a match made in Western Australia <3

Watch this space!

My best advice I can offer is if you can’t find love at home, don a backpack, book a ticket to some far off land, I’ll guarantee you that you will find love.
It may be love for yourself, a country, a culture or your soulmate but you will find it! :)

I hope you also look forward to reading about them :)


Si i got married to a backpacker i met while on the road <3

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  1. donoghuemc
    | Reply

    Congratulations guys! I too married a backpacker I met on the road so I know just how hard a long distance relationship can be. We wish you all of the joy, happiness and safe travels in the world!! It’s funny to think how one backpacking tour can change your life completely!!

    • The Backpacking Wilf
      | Reply

      Life is very fickle like that, people think it’s as simpleas work hard, retire, live comfortably.. but what people take for granted is it can get turned upside down at any moment, for the good or for the bad

      appreciate your life as you never know what luck might be just around the corner. as for me it was amazing luck meeting Sarah :)

      Hows life ur backpacking fella? do u travel now or plans to settle?

  2. Joella J
    | Reply

    Congrats! I met my husband while working abroad in Korea (on the first day!) :-) You never know where and when you’re going to meet that special someone..

    • The Backpacking Wilf
      | Reply

      Thanks for dropping by :)
      congrats on finding the one! seems they turn up when we least expect it!
      such is life

  3. JP Chartier
    | Reply

    What a fantastic article! Congratulations to you and your lovely bride!! You have a new fan of your website here my friend.

    • The Backpacking Wilf
      | Reply

      muchly appreciated <3

  4. kylleririsheyes
    | Reply

    What a sweet story!

  5. Luka
    | Reply

    I absolutely love your story!! I’m dreaming of going to Australia and stories like this just make me wanna go there even more :) I wish the best for you two, you look so happy together! xoxo

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