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Hong Kong Sour n Spicy Noodles and the Projectile Beansprout!

Just finished my gym session and was hurting. I was in desperate need of some protein! I pounded the street for what seemed an eternity and everything seemed to be carb based (incase you didn’t know weightlifters/bodybuilders require a protein rich diet)

So I gave up and settled for a high carb tasty diet of my favourite sour and spicy noodles! This stuff is delicious and you can choose which meats and which veg you would like to add!

Hong Kong's famous sour, hot and spicy noodles
Bloody spicy stuff! loo roll in the freezer!

My order of sour n spicy noodles:-
Extra Beef
Extra spicy pork
Extra spicy pork mince
Extra spicy soup!
As you can see I went for as much protein as possible (and a little hint of spicyness)  … The noodles come with an assortment of veg and sour pickled veg as standard! I also ordered a hot Horlicks to wash it all down with! anyway enough about my daily diet!

It was just bloody lovely! not so nutritious but the MSG was tantalizing my taste buds and the spicyness was making me tear & snot for England! (dunno why spicy food makes my nose run? does it do the same for you?)

I was shoveling it into my gob as fast as my chopsticks would allow (I have perfected a technique and suck up the noodles similar to how you would with spaghetti) I felt something slip into my throat and a searing spicy pain began to tickle my throat…

The look of shock as i spit a beansprout across the room onto a table
Check the look of horror!

I had a full mouth and was still chewing so I didn’t want to cough and spray the other customers with half eaten food, but my reflex action was causing my body to jerk.. I managed to swallow my food, my face was beginning to turn blue through lack of oxygen and I began to choke and cough, I thought to myself “is this the end?” I hope someone here knows the heinrich maneuver*

I thought to myself “is this the end?”

I let out an almighty choke which dislodged a spicy beansprout that rocketed into the air landing on a customers table right in front of them, they looked up in shock… I dropped my head *look innocent * still coughing and spluttering and starting to hold my laughter inside which only made me choke even more… *it wasn’t me* My face went red!

While never taking my eyes off my food, I could see out of my peripheral vision that this person was searching for the beansprout launcher, I couldn’t hold up I was laughing so much that tears were streaming out of my eyes and dripping into my soup below.

I had to pay my bill and get out of there because the other customers were starting to lookover to me as I was now snorting uncontrollably.

Quickly paid what I owed, glanced over my shoulder at the beansprout on this womans table, dashed for the door, and once outside let out an almighty roar of laughter!

I was still chuckling to myself hours later walking the streets of Hong Kong.


Note to self:- Take your time when you eat your food, no matter how hungry you are.

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  1. Brad Bernard
    | Reply

    This is completely hilarious, I’m just imagining the look on everyone’s faces trying to track down the assailant. Love the storytelling.

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