A Guide on How to Barter in any Foreign Country

Bargaining is common practice around the world, not just that in some countries it is actually expected. Haggling should be fun! treat it like a game and just enjoy yourself. Where to haggle:- Markets, Hotels, Tour operators, Moped/Car hire, Crafts people and … Read More

So, I got married to a backpacker I met while on the road!

Wow how did that happen? I’m married! 5 years relationship, 4 years of that engaged, 3 years of that long distance, England – Hong Kong! It’s not been easy I can tell you that! we have watched many other backpacking romances die, … Read More

Hong Kong Sour n Spicy Noodles and the Projectile Beansprout!

Just finished my gym session and was hurting. I was in desperate need of some protein! I pounded the street for what seemed an eternity and everything seemed to be carb based (incase you didn’t know weightlifters/bodybuilders require a protein rich diet) … Read More

How not to catch a fish, A kick up the arse for finding the motivation to travel the world

Waiting for the right moment or over planning something can sometimes be far too counter productive… that’s why I’m a firm believer in setting deadlines… The deadline I normally set for myself is booking a flight… I have no choice then to … Read More

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